Monday, 23 March 2015

Ricky Skaggs

I went down to the Theater to try and get Ricky Skaggs. After about an hour I found out he wasn't there and wasn't going to be for a few more hours and it was pretty cold out there. So I decided to go down to the Hotel where the people who come to town stay. It was nice and warm in there compared to what it was like outside. I saw one guy and asked him if he was in Kentucky Thunder? The big guitar gave that away.We had a nice chat and he told me Ricky was coming down.So Ricky showed up and signed my album and insert and said I don't want to see these on Ebay. I told him I don't sell I love collecting autographs then he says oh as a hobby? I said yes. Then he looked at the album and said you had this along time. The date on the album is 1982 so yeah it has been around for a long while. Afterwards we drove to my nieces place and I showed it to her and she is like 'Who is that?' so I tried to explain it to her with no luck. So I let it go then I said next IP chance will be Randy Bachman and she said who's that? I am like REALLY!!!!!!I said you heard the song American Woman right? yeah..well he wrote it..Oh...with no look of interest ..OK I'm outta here,,on  the way home I told the wife..I should have said Paul McCartney

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