Monday, 2 March 2015

First Mail Day For March

After a cold weekend and seeing a few tv shows end for the season another week has arrived.The week started out great.

As most of you know I like to collect Playbills from various plays and hope to have at least one cast member sign it.Today I received a Playbill signed by actor Daykin Matthews. Dakin has appeared on many tv shows and movies. He played Doug's father on King of Queens. He was also in the movie Child's play 3 , The Fabulous Baker Boys and my favourite 'Funny Farm' he did with Chevy Chase.

As for what my plans are for tonight other then watching a few favorite tv shows? NOTHING!! to cold out there. I plan on watching 'GOTHAM' then the season premier of 'The Following' though I don't know how this season will be because they killed off Emma last season. She was a real Freak/Killer in that one. Then I will watch 'Castle'

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