Saturday, 14 March 2015

First Day Cover Display

I thought I would show and tell about something else today other then an autograph. In 2012 the CFL Grey Cup celebrated it's 100 Anniversary and for the occasion Canada Post came out with stamps for every team and also 1st day cover envelope with a cancelled stamp from the team. I really liked them so I went to a few post offices before I was able to get all 8 teams and a CFL envelope as well and a pane of stamps. In 2014 Ottawa got a CFL team whcih they called the Ottawa Redblacks so they issued a stamp and a 1st Day cover as well for them which I went and picked up and added it to my display. I had a little room left in my display so I added the First Day Cover , One of the cancelled postcards. There are 4 in the set of post cards and also a pane of stamps. My wife and I put it all together and hung it up on the wall. I think it looks really good.

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