Thursday, 12 March 2015

Here I am.

Hi everyone sorry I haven't added anything in the last few days but everytime I go to start one my cat Jedi wants to come up on my lap and hang out for awhile so you know Kitty comes first. We have had her for 16 years. By the time she is done being petted, hugged, kissed and cuddle I have also chilled out myself and don't feel like typing or adding anything to the BLOG..

Ok so onto today's mail.It's been very slow week.I do have a few letters wrote out to send out so we'll see if anything comes of that..Today I received a few signed book plates from children's author Lynne Kelly. She sent me 2 book plates and also a card advertising her book 'Chained' as you can see it to the left.

I am going to start adding other things to my BLOG beside my autograph adventures.Maybe some photo's of our pets and garden which will be coming up soon.Like yesterday we were in Walmart and this older lady comes up to me smiling and I knew I had seen her before but I couldn't remember. She came up to me and said you don't remember me? I said you look familiar. The she said you use to come into my store when you were a little boy when you were in elementary school. She said your name is Dennis? I said yes and she was really happy with herself for remembering my name. But then you have to think this was more then 40 years ago so her remembering my name was a big thing considering I didn't remember hers or the name of the store..


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