Thursday, 5 March 2015

One from my collection

I havent had much to say and I have received no mail and it was to cold outside to wait for Jann Arden. I think I will get her next time she ventures into Town. But since I didn't get an In Person last night I thought I would show you one that I did.
In October 2013 Ronnie Hawkins was appearing at the Sanderson Centre and I had a record album and a book that I wanted to get signed. So I went down to the Theater to wait him out. I was out there waiting and waiting for what seemed like hours and I was getting a little cold being it late in October. One guy came out and I asked him if Ronnie would be coming for a sound check he said no because Ronnie is getting up in years and resting at the Hotel while they did it all. I asked what one he didn't say so I took a guess. My wife and I headed down to the Hotel parked the car and went into the lobby to wait it out.

While hanging in the lobby I glanced into the restaurant just for the heck of it and there sitting at the table with a few people was an old guy with a ball cap and a big old white beard.I told my wife "He's in there". She said you sure? I said pretty sure it's him. He' was eating and I didn't want to bother him so I waited it out til he was done his meal. After awhile I noticed he was done and getting ready to get up so I went in and slowly went towards him. I said hi and all that stuff and he was really nice very talkative and friendly. He put his arm on me and posed for photo's and he signed my items and when he signed the book he said to me "You know I have never read this book ?" I said no? he said no but maybe I should. I mentioned to him about John Lennon and Yoko Ono living on his dime in his house and he laughed. He was a nice guy and even gave us tickets for the show that night..

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