Friday, 27 February 2015

Last Mail Day For Feb!!

Well here it is the end of Feb and I can't wait to see it end and march comes around hoping that the temperatures will start to rise a little.

Yesterday we were busy so I didn't have a chance to post on my BLOG. We had to go down to the post office to pick up the mail that was waiting for me there since Wednesday.Inside was a nice 8X10 photo of Director John Landis who has directed many comedies that are considered classics like 'Animal House', Trading Places". 'The Blues Brothers' and many others

And as for today's mail I received my MASH cards back from William Christopher who played Father Mulachy in the tv show, I wrote to him telling him how I had Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Jaime Farr on the cards and would like his as well. He was in Town one year before I started collecting with Jaime Farr they were touring as 'The Odd Couple' I wish I could have seen that play it would have been great to see.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Charles Edwards

The play 'Blithe Spirit' starring Angela Lansbury is on tour and is playing in Toronto for a few weeks. I already knew that Angela had stopped signing autographs awhile ago but Charles Edwards who is also in the play is who I wrote, Charles has did a lot of tv shows such as 'Ripper Street', 'Midsomer Murders' and the movie 'Philomena' with Judi Dench. But I wrote to him because he was part of the show 'Downton Abbey' which my wife and I watch. He played Micheal Gregson an older man who gets Edith pregnant. He then goes off to Germany to see about getting a divorce from his wife but the Nazi's get him first and is killed .He sent me a playbill from the show and signed 3 index cards which he personalized them all.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Jim Belushi And Larry Campbell

Today's autographs I got in person in May 2014 outside the local theatre. Jim Belushi and Larry Joe Campbell from the tv show 'According To Jim' brought their comedy show to Town and I went down to wait them out. They were really late arriving and were in a hurry.

I had an 8X10 printed up and both Jim and Larry signed it for me. larry posed for a photo with me but Jim was in a hurry and looked like he was hurting after a long car drive from Toronto. These 2 guys are hilarious on the show, I have another photo that I printed off and I got the whole troupe to sign it.

Off topic I cannot wait for this Winter weather to end. I know it's not as bad as it was last year but the wind is so bitterly cold most days. Today was worst because the loose snow was blowing off the rooftops and hitting me in the face and it was taking my breathe away which I really don't like.

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Oscars

Last night was the Oscars and I thought I would share a few autographs of Oscar Winners from last night from my collection..First one up is Eddie Redmayne who won best Actor for the movie 'The Theory Of Everything'
I wrote Eddie when he was filming the tv show 'The Pillars Of Earth'  back in 2010. He signed and personalized this card for me. I had seen him in several movies like 'The Good Shepard' and 'Powder Blue' and I liked his work.

This next one is Julianne Moore who won best actress for her role in the movie 'Still Alice'. I met Julianne back in 2004 in Paris, Ontario where she was filming the movie 'Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio. I had this photo made up and headed for Paris to meet her and she was really nice/

Friday, 20 February 2015

Sons Of Anarchy

Well it's still really cold outside and we had to go down to the post office to pick up the mail today. Bit first we went to the library to pick up a few DVD's that were waiting for us and one is 'Game Of Thrones' season 4. The show is on a speciality channel that we don't get so I have to wait for the dvd then watch it so no one ruin it for me. Then onto Walmart to grab a few cans of cat food for our cats. My wife had a coupon for Whiskas which was for buy 5 get 5 free. Well can beat that now so the girls got lots of food for awhile.

Now onto today's autograph. I am a fan of 'Deadwood' and also 'Sons Of Anarchy' and I really like the actor Dayton Callie who plays Wayne Unser in SOA. I wrote him a month ago and then today I got this nice 8*10 from SOA that Dayton sent to me which he signed and personalized to me. I haven't seen season 5 yet for the same reason as above for 'GOT' so no spoilers please..

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ruth & Jake

Well it was a very cold day with the wind blowing and the snow being blown around in the wind just made it all that colder. I got to try out the new coat I got and I like it.But moving right along today with today's mail

I received a Playbill from New York City's Broadway show 'Constellation' which stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson. I am a fan of both these actors. Jake is in one of my favorite movies 'The Day After' and many others. And Ruth I became a fan after seeing her in a show from England called 'Luther'. She played Alice on the show and she played her well. I think one will be going up in the frame soon.

I also got a card in the mail from the postal delivery person that something is waiting for me at the post office. I will have to wait til tomorrow and get that. All I wanted to do today was get done the stuff that needed done and come back home where it is warm.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Coat

Today we went looking around the thrift store and I usually flip through the coats to see if there is a Hamilton Tiger Cat Jacket. Well I have been doing this for a good year or so and today my luck changed. I seen a yellow sweater so I went to look at it and it wasn't what I wanted so I turned around to leave and did a quick flip of the black jackets and the little Tiger on the corner caught my eye so I grabbed it to look at it and BEHOLD it was a Tiger Cats Jacket!!! I pulled it off the hook looked at the size and tried it on and it fit nicely. It is in great shape and looks like it wasn't worn much if at all. I leave it on and go look for my wife and when I found her I said look what I got!!!. She said you will have to take it off so we can pay for it. I took it off and my lovely wife looked it over and said there is no price tag on it. She also found a rip in the lining which she said was an easy fix. So I took the coat to the back of the store and told the lady it didn't have a price tag on it and it had a BIG!!! rip in the lining. Well they put a price tag of $20.00 on it. I said that's fine knowing that these jackets sell for $80.00 to $130.00. Great fine nice coat and thanks to my wife for fixing the rip in the lining for me.

I thought I would stay with the mood and show you a few of my favorite Hamilton Tiger Cats autographs. This one here is Dave Stala. I met Dave back in December at a Football Camp in town that Jykine Bradley was holding.He was one of my favorite TiCat players. Dave no longer plays for the TiCats he now plays for the Montreal Alouettes. Awesome player and all around nice guy.

Last summer my wife and I were in Hamilton and we had some time to spare so we went over to the TiCats head office on Jarvis Street in hopes of maybe meeting a few of the players. One of the guys I met in the parking lot around back was Taylor Reed. He is a great player and he just got resigned to them for another season.

Let me show you one more although not a player I think he deserves to be up here. It's head coach Kent Austin who in the last 2 seasons have taken the TiCats to the Grey Cup twice. Hopefully this time they can do it. They would have did it last season when Brandon Banks got a last few second TD but it didn't count because Taylor Reed caused a penalty. So they lost the game.

                          So close yet so FAR!!!

Monday, 16 February 2015

A Gift From A Friend

Last week there was a charity hockey game between the Paris Mounties and the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni. Unfortunately I was unable to attend and I really wanted a few autographs from the game. My friend Al who is a really cool guy in my books went to the game and got me a poster there and had all the players sign it for me. Well Rick Vaive had to leave after the game so he didn't stick around.But Rick comes to town a few times a year so I will get him to sign it later and then have it framed. These are the players who signed the poster they are

Dmitri Mironov
Lou Franceshetti
Darryl Shannon
Tom Fergus
Bill Derlago
Kevin Maguire
Dave McLlwain
Dan Daoust
Mark LaForest
Ric Natrress
Mike Pelyk
Mike Krushelinski

I'd like to thank Al for getting the poster signed for me at the event. Al also has a BLOG check it out..

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nice Day But Cold !!

There is an extreme cold alert tonight and tomorrow with the temperatures hovering around -23 tonight. For those who don't use Celsius I will translate..DAMN COLD MAN!!. Anyways stay warm and read my BLOG.

The first one that came in the mail is from actress Jennifer Gibson who has been in many tv shows like DeGrassi, the 4400, Lost Girl. Just to name a few. She sent me this nice 8X10 which she personalized and on the back wrote me a note thanking me for the letter. She also wrote me a letter as well which I thought was very nice of her

She also mentioned in the letter that I mentioned the show Murdoch Mysteries which I am a fan of. So she did me a really nice favor. She had her friend Arwen Humphreys to also sign a photo for me and personalized it to me. I thought this was really nice of her to do. I have tried to get Arwen myself a few times without success. Arwen plays the wife of Inspector Brackenreid Margaret..

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Frank Sinatra Jr.

In September 2014 it was time for the Brantford Jazz Festival had just started and the headliner for the night was Frank Sinatra Jr. Now I always liked his dad and loved the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. Frank was here to sing his dad's stuff and I wanted to meet him. I had the photo ran off and I went down to wait for him. Sure enough after a little bit of talk yeah he's here no he's not coming out sorry maybe later.Well I've heard them all so I stuck it out and it wasnt 10 minutes when I seen Frank coming out. Looking just like his dad he came out smile looked at me and I asked nicely as I always do If he would sign my photo and he said sure and said oh you got one of the new ones. I said yeah..I asked if he would pose for a picture with me which was not a problem. He shook my hand and then said good bye and he left for his ride..  Very cool IP experience

Saving Hope

Okay so I forgot to do the BLOG yesterday. My bad. Well I thought I would share to photo's that I had sent to a few actors on a show that I like watching called 'Saving Hope' They were nice enough to take my photo around and have the other actors signed my photo as welI It's about a Hospital in Toronto with all these cool doctors working there and one Doctor named Charlie who was in a car crash and laid in a coma for awhile til he woke up and now can talk/see people who have died in the hospital of just hovering between here and there.

The show stars from left to right. Julia Taylor Ross , Benjamin Ayrse, Michelle Nolden, Michael Shanks, Erica Durance, Daniel Gillies, Wendy Crewson and Huse Madhavji.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Ruth Wilson

Today in the mail I received a signed and personalized card from actress Ruth Wilson. I have not seen her new show the affair but I have seen her other work in the tv show 'Luther'  and also the movie Jane Eyre that was made by Masterpiece Theater. I did send her a photo but that did not come back either she lost it or didn't like it.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Peter Mansbridge

Long time news anchor Peter Mansbridge book One on One. I saw this book in a used book store and flipped in opened and the book is brand new never been read and it is signed. Inside was a card for people to send in donations for his charity. I am assuming that he signed this book at some event or a book tour. It's a nice book to add to my collection

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ryan Bomben

On a cold snowy Wednesday where the snow just keeps on falling. They are calling for another 10cm's on top of what is already there. Hopefully the weather person is wrong and it misses us again like they usually do. Any ways the mail was a little late but he didn't disappoint me.

I am a fan of the CFL and I like to collect autographs from CFL players. Well today brought me an envelope and inside the envelope was 3 signed cards from Montreal Alouette player Ryan Bomben, The cards are the same so I just posted one. Ryan started with Montreal on in 2010 but didn't see play time til 2011. Bomben made his first CFL career start on the road at Calgary in week 4 and remained in the starting rotation..

Hopefully I will get a few more CFL Player before they start training and it will make it harder to find them when they scatter places.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Donny & Marie

Back in October I seen on tv that Donny & Marie Osmond were going to be doing their Christmas Show in Toronto for the month of December.Well since I was a child of the 70's and grew up watching them on their show and other shows like The Andy Williams show and Donny use to be on the Lucy Show from time to time as well. So I went looking around the internet for a few photos one
of them young and one of them as they now look. I didn't know which one to send it to so I looked around and I figure that Marie was a better bet to read her fan mail then Donny. Then I ran them off and mailed them away.

I think it was about 2 weeks then I got my envelope back with my 2 photo's which are only 5X7. Marie as I had hoped had Donny sign the photo's as well. Childhood memories awe!!!!!

Monday, 2 February 2015


Here it is 1st Monday in February and there is a lot of snow out there. I didn't think the mail man was going to make it today because everything else in the City is closed. But it came and I wasn't disappointed either. Today brought me a cast signed Playbill from New York City. The play was called 'You cant take it with you'. I sent it off back in November and it ended on January 5th. 13 cast members signed it and there are several big names on it and I am happy to have this for my collection. Signatures on the playbill are..

James Earl Jones
Mark Linn-Baker
Elizabeth Ashley
Rose Byrne
Nick Corley
Charles Turner
Austin Durrant
Julie Halston
Johanna Day
Patrick Kerr
Will Brill
Kristine Neilson
Byron Jennings