Thursday, 19 March 2015

Last Day Of Winter Find and stuff.

Last! day of Winter and the sun was sining giving off a little warmth. We decided to go for a drive and pick up a few things that were needed. Along the way while I was stopped at a light there was a lot of smoke coming this car. It was getting louder and the smoke although white it was still thick enough to block out the cars behind it. You could smell it burning. I think it was the motor. Instead of getting out of the car which I would do because it looked like that sucker was going to catch fire. He waited for the green light and took off. My wife said to me that he pulled into the Mall parking lot.
We then ventured onto the thrift shop where I started flipping through the books looking for signed copies. I haven't been having much luck lately but today I found one. It' s a book by Wendel Clarke. Even before I opened it I knew it was probably signed because Wendel has been in Town countless times the last few years,Although I have about 16 things signed by Wendel I couldn't pass this up and to add it to my collection

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