Friday, 27 March 2015

Not A Whole Lot...

Not a whole lot has happened since my last BLOG about Ricky Skaggs. Most of the week the weather has been up and down. We've had snow we've had rain. It's been cold and it's been warm.I got a call Wednesday from my eye specialist. Apparently I had an eye appointment for that day and we totally forgot about and didn't even see it written on the calender. My wife explained this to the lady who said it's happens. So I go this week instead.
Today while looking through some used books in the store a menu from Don Cherry's Grapevine fell out and low and behold it is signed and personalized to someone named Tim. As an autograph collector I don't care if it is personalized to someone else I just want the autographs. I am thinking that this is an old menu because the prices and way low and there is no web address on the menu like there is today. Either way it's nice to have another Don Cherry autograph to ad to my collection.

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