Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday's Mail and Find...

Here it is another Friday and it was cold again. I am really hoping for it to warm up. They said maybe by Tuesday it will be + 6 so that's a start ehh? Moving onto the mailbox box I received one from an up and coming actress
Madeleine Arthur. She sent me a photo of herself from the movie 'Big Eyes' that she did with Amy Adams. She plays Amy daughter Jane in the movie. I saw her a few weeks back in an episode of 'Supernatural' and I thought she did really well so I wrote to her. She looks very young but I am thinking she is actually around 18-19 years old. I think we'll be seeing more of her in the future..

Next up I came across this signed 8X10 of Jeff Arnett who is the 'Master Distiller'  for Jack Daniels Whisky since 2008. When I looked him up I found it very interesting that Jack Daniels is made in Lynchburg, TN and the County it's made in is a dry County meaning that no alcohol is sold there anywhere.Although the population of Lynchburg is only 361. Jeff is only the 7th distiller that Jack Daniels has had since 1860's when it was first started. OK the guy is no George Clooney but it's a nice autograph to have in my collection..

Have a great weekend !!!!

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