Friday, 27 March 2015

Not A Whole Lot...

Not a whole lot has happened since my last BLOG about Ricky Skaggs. Most of the week the weather has been up and down. We've had snow we've had rain. It's been cold and it's been warm.I got a call Wednesday from my eye specialist. Apparently I had an eye appointment for that day and we totally forgot about and didn't even see it written on the calender. My wife explained this to the lady who said it's happens. So I go this week instead.
Today while looking through some used books in the store a menu from Don Cherry's Grapevine fell out and low and behold it is signed and personalized to someone named Tim. As an autograph collector I don't care if it is personalized to someone else I just want the autographs. I am thinking that this is an old menu because the prices and way low and there is no web address on the menu like there is today. Either way it's nice to have another Don Cherry autograph to ad to my collection.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Ricky Skaggs

I went down to the Theater to try and get Ricky Skaggs. After about an hour I found out he wasn't there and wasn't going to be for a few more hours and it was pretty cold out there. So I decided to go down to the Hotel where the people who come to town stay. It was nice and warm in there compared to what it was like outside. I saw one guy and asked him if he was in Kentucky Thunder? The big guitar gave that away.We had a nice chat and he told me Ricky was coming down.So Ricky showed up and signed my album and insert and said I don't want to see these on Ebay. I told him I don't sell I love collecting autographs then he says oh as a hobby? I said yes. Then he looked at the album and said you had this along time. The date on the album is 1982 so yeah it has been around for a long while. Afterwards we drove to my nieces place and I showed it to her and she is like 'Who is that?' so I tried to explain it to her with no luck. So I let it go then I said next IP chance will be Randy Bachman and she said who's that? I am like REALLY!!!!!!I said you heard the song American Woman right? yeah..well he wrote it..Oh...with no look of interest ..OK I'm outta here,,on  the way home I told the wife..I should have said Paul McCartney

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Last Day Of Winter Find and stuff.

Last! day of Winter and the sun was sining giving off a little warmth. We decided to go for a drive and pick up a few things that were needed. Along the way while I was stopped at a light there was a lot of smoke coming this car. It was getting louder and the smoke although white it was still thick enough to block out the cars behind it. You could smell it burning. I think it was the motor. Instead of getting out of the car which I would do because it looked like that sucker was going to catch fire. He waited for the green light and took off. My wife said to me that he pulled into the Mall parking lot.
We then ventured onto the thrift shop where I started flipping through the books looking for signed copies. I haven't been having much luck lately but today I found one. It' s a book by Wendel Clarke. Even before I opened it I knew it was probably signed because Wendel has been in Town countless times the last few years,Although I have about 16 things signed by Wendel I couldn't pass this up and to add it to my collection

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone and it was a great day today The sun was shiny but a little on the cool side. We went to the library and picked up a DVD to watch and then went to Wal-Mart to grab a few needed things. Although I had already gotten the mail I didn't scan it til we got back.In the mail there was a good and a bad so I will start off with the bad..Awhile ago I wrote actor George Lazenby who played James Bond in one film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Today I got my letter back RTS undeliverable. So I think old George must have moved or something. Oh well I had to try.

Now the good.I have been a fan of Helen Mirren for a long while and I have seen many of her movies like 'Teaching Mrs Tingle', 'Hitchcock', 'The Queen' and many more. I had heard she was doing a show on Broadway in New York City so I took the chance of writing to her at her play in New York City. Well today my luck paid off. Helen sent me a personalized signed playbill from her show. This one will be going on my wall sometime soon. I have 2 Playbills on our wall at all times and I do changed the Playbills from time to time. This will be the next one up.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

First Day Cover Display

I thought I would show and tell about something else today other then an autograph. In 2012 the CFL Grey Cup celebrated it's 100 Anniversary and for the occasion Canada Post came out with stamps for every team and also 1st day cover envelope with a cancelled stamp from the team. I really liked them so I went to a few post offices before I was able to get all 8 teams and a CFL envelope as well and a pane of stamps. In 2014 Ottawa got a CFL team whcih they called the Ottawa Redblacks so they issued a stamp and a 1st Day cover as well for them which I went and picked up and added it to my display. I had a little room left in my display so I added the First Day Cover , One of the cancelled postcards. There are 4 in the set of post cards and also a pane of stamps. My wife and I put it all together and hung it up on the wall. I think it looks really good.

Friday, 13 March 2015

A Nice Day

It was a nice Friday the 13th. The sun was shining and although it was a little chilly in the shade the sun felt great. We went to a thrift shop which I like doing and there was a signed 8*10 of Cory Holmes who was a Tigercat. Now everyone who knows me knows I am a TiCat fan. Well whoever owned it before ruined it because they Plaque  it.. I can understand that they want their autographs to last forever but if you plaque it you ruin it. DO NOT PLAQUE AUTOGRAPHS!!
Now as I move on to today's mailbox we just found out that the mailman has been running late this week and the mail I got this morning was actually yesterday's mail. So in today's mail I received my cards back signed and personalized from Penny Johnson Jarald who is on the show CASTLE

To add to my surprise of getting Penny there was also another surprise in the envelope. Penny had also enclosed a signed photo of CASTLE himself Nathan Fillion. I have been a fan of his for a long time and his shows like Firefly and DRIVE which now I am glad never survived a season because if it had Castle would have never been. Well maybe it would have just a different actor as Castle..Nice day...

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Here I am.

Hi everyone sorry I haven't added anything in the last few days but everytime I go to start one my cat Jedi wants to come up on my lap and hang out for awhile so you know Kitty comes first. We have had her for 16 years. By the time she is done being petted, hugged, kissed and cuddle I have also chilled out myself and don't feel like typing or adding anything to the BLOG..

Ok so onto today's mail.It's been very slow week.I do have a few letters wrote out to send out so we'll see if anything comes of that..Today I received a few signed book plates from children's author Lynne Kelly. She sent me 2 book plates and also a card advertising her book 'Chained' as you can see it to the left.

I am going to start adding other things to my BLOG beside my autograph adventures.Maybe some photo's of our pets and garden which will be coming up soon.Like yesterday we were in Walmart and this older lady comes up to me smiling and I knew I had seen her before but I couldn't remember. She came up to me and said you don't remember me? I said you look familiar. The she said you use to come into my store when you were a little boy when you were in elementary school. She said your name is Dennis? I said yes and she was really happy with herself for remembering my name. But then you have to think this was more then 40 years ago so her remembering my name was a big thing considering I didn't remember hers or the name of the store..


Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday's Mail and Find...

Here it is another Friday and it was cold again. I am really hoping for it to warm up. They said maybe by Tuesday it will be + 6 so that's a start ehh? Moving onto the mailbox box I received one from an up and coming actress
Madeleine Arthur. She sent me a photo of herself from the movie 'Big Eyes' that she did with Amy Adams. She plays Amy daughter Jane in the movie. I saw her a few weeks back in an episode of 'Supernatural' and I thought she did really well so I wrote to her. She looks very young but I am thinking she is actually around 18-19 years old. I think we'll be seeing more of her in the future..

Next up I came across this signed 8X10 of Jeff Arnett who is the 'Master Distiller'  for Jack Daniels Whisky since 2008. When I looked him up I found it very interesting that Jack Daniels is made in Lynchburg, TN and the County it's made in is a dry County meaning that no alcohol is sold there anywhere.Although the population of Lynchburg is only 361. Jeff is only the 7th distiller that Jack Daniels has had since 1860's when it was first started. OK the guy is no George Clooney but it's a nice autograph to have in my collection..

Have a great weekend !!!!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

One from my collection

I havent had much to say and I have received no mail and it was to cold outside to wait for Jann Arden. I think I will get her next time she ventures into Town. But since I didn't get an In Person last night I thought I would show you one that I did.
In October 2013 Ronnie Hawkins was appearing at the Sanderson Centre and I had a record album and a book that I wanted to get signed. So I went down to the Theater to wait him out. I was out there waiting and waiting for what seemed like hours and I was getting a little cold being it late in October. One guy came out and I asked him if Ronnie would be coming for a sound check he said no because Ronnie is getting up in years and resting at the Hotel while they did it all. I asked what one he didn't say so I took a guess. My wife and I headed down to the Hotel parked the car and went into the lobby to wait it out.

While hanging in the lobby I glanced into the restaurant just for the heck of it and there sitting at the table with a few people was an old guy with a ball cap and a big old white beard.I told my wife "He's in there". She said you sure? I said pretty sure it's him. He' was eating and I didn't want to bother him so I waited it out til he was done his meal. After awhile I noticed he was done and getting ready to get up so I went in and slowly went towards him. I said hi and all that stuff and he was really nice very talkative and friendly. He put his arm on me and posed for photo's and he signed my items and when he signed the book he said to me "You know I have never read this book ?" I said no? he said no but maybe I should. I mentioned to him about John Lennon and Yoko Ono living on his dime in his house and he laughed. He was a nice guy and even gave us tickets for the show that night..

Monday, 2 March 2015

First Mail Day For March

After a cold weekend and seeing a few tv shows end for the season another week has arrived.The week started out great.

As most of you know I like to collect Playbills from various plays and hope to have at least one cast member sign it.Today I received a Playbill signed by actor Daykin Matthews. Dakin has appeared on many tv shows and movies. He played Doug's father on King of Queens. He was also in the movie Child's play 3 , The Fabulous Baker Boys and my favourite 'Funny Farm' he did with Chevy Chase.

As for what my plans are for tonight other then watching a few favorite tv shows? NOTHING!! to cold out there. I plan on watching 'GOTHAM' then the season premier of 'The Following' though I don't know how this season will be because they killed off Emma last season. She was a real Freak/Killer in that one. Then I will watch 'Castle'