Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dame Edna

Does anyone remember Dame Edna? She is an old lady with 50's style glasses and pink hair and one other thing she is no lady? It's actor Barry Humphries who has performed as her for the last 40 some odd years and even had his own tv show. He has been touring the US and Canada with Dame Edna's farewell Tour and his tour made a stop in Toronto so I wrote to him. He has did countless spots on shows like Johnny Carson, Jay leno, Dave Letterman etc. He has also did other things other then Edna. He was the voice of Shark in Finding Nemo and The Great Goblin for The Hobbitt.. This is a nice edition to my collection..

On another note I came across several CFL (Canadian Football League) cards from 1971 and I thought it would be cool to try and find some of these guys and have then signed the card. All these guys are in their late 60's and early 70's now and after searching them I have found that several of the players still around and I got a few addresses from them or their family members. So far I sent out 5 so I will be happy to see if some of them come back to me.. I will let you know when I get one back..

As Dame Edna would say..'Good Bye and Good Night Possums!!!'

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