Saturday, 2 May 2015

Artists at free comic book day

 Well the weekend is here and I was away for awhile this afternoon getting a few Autographs. Today is free comic book day so I went over to our local store and they had 3 guest there. Steve McGinnis, Brian Anstee and Gibson Quarter. I got these 2 pieces from Steve. They are Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. You should see some of the people he draws.

Next up I met Brian Anstee  Because I am a fan of the X-Men I settled for a print of Wolverine. He signed and personalized it to me. I asked for it to be personalized. He's a real nice guy to talk to. Then Gibson Quarter came in and I decided to buy one of his comics and asked him to personalize it which he did.  It was a great Free comic day BTW I got 2 comics.
STEVE AND GIBSON ONLINE                                        
Steve McGinnis Illustration Link
Gibson Quarter Art

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