Tuesday, 7 April 2015

AFL & CFL in the last few days..

It was a nice long weekend not too cold and not to warm just nice and the 1st weekend for the return of Australian Rules Football which my wife and I like to watch. Most of the time they show maybe 1 game a week and that is on at 4:30 in the morning here and with any luck we'd get it in a rerun if they played it. This season it's different we have a DVR box and was able to record the game. We watched Jimmy Bartel lose the 1st game of the season. Jimmy BTW has a cousin who is a punter in the CFL Josh Bartel. He use to be with the Ticats but was traded to SSK.

 Since we are talking about football let's talk about what I received in the mail today. I like to collect autographs of CFL Players eps the TiCats and today I was really happy. A nice little brown envelope that was taped very well and inside was 3 cards all signed by Greg Wojt. He sent me 2 cards of him when he played for the Edmonton Eskimos. Both cards are are from JOGO

Last year the CFL struck a deal with Upper Deck to come out with CFL Cards for the league and although I have seen them online I have not seen them in the stores and I knew they were a little priccy But I have one now. Greg sent me an Upper Deck card of him in the TiCat uniforn which was very cool of him. So I am very happy with my autographs today and seeing some Aussie Rules. If you have not seen Aussie Rules I recommend it.Its a rough game. The usually show a game or 2 in the early morningson the weekends on TSN2.

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