Friday, 17 April 2015

Bond James Bond

It's been a really slow mail week for me and I've been going to a few Dr. appointments here and there so this is why I slacked off a little plus I have been watching the show 'Banshee' on DVD. If you haven't seen the show I really recommend it.The cast are more less unknowns with a few knowns thrown in the mix. Guy who plays Proctor who is the real bad ass in the show is played by Ulrich Thomsen who I have liked for years. I saw him in a German film called 'Festen' in English it mean Celebration. We get the DVD's from the Library when they come out. I know we might have to wait awhile before we get to see a movie or a tv show that we would normally not get but sooner or later we get it

Now for my autograph. I only got one this week and it was a really cool one. I had sent to George Lazenby who played James Bond in one film 'On Her Majesties Secret Service'. After a few weeks my letter was RTS'd so I did a search and then someone posted a new address for him so I thought I would give it a try and on Monday I got my envelope back and inside was all 3 of my cards signed by George Lazenby. I am happy to have him in my collection.

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