Friday, 24 April 2015

It's been a good Week

Hey Everybody !!

This was the week for the annual book fair and for the 1st time in about 3 years I struck out and didn't find any signed books. But I am not letting that bother me because this week I have had a few great ones come through.
For starters back in 2011 I wrote to Bebe Neuwirth on Broadway when she was doing the musical "Addams Family". I never heard back so I thought either it was lost or just didn't get my letter but this week I received from Bebe a cast signed playbill from the show. She must have been getting caught up on her fanmail in her down time.There are 18 signatures on the playbill including Roger Rees who is best known for playing the Sheriff Of Rottingham in 'Robin Hood:Men In Tights"

Awhile ago I wrote to actress Anastasia Phillips who was in the tv show 'Bomb Girls" Earlier last year I won a contest and I got a nice Poster which was signed by all the girls except Anastasia. I told her she was the only one I was missing so she sent me this 8X10 glossy personalized to me

One movie I really like is "The Day After Tomorrow" I think it's the best disaster film of the decade and I have several autographs from the movie and today I added another one. This one is from Sela Ward who played Lucy in the movie. Most of you probably remember her from "CSI:NY or House M.D" She is a cool add for my collection.

I received another playbill today from New York City's Broadway and this came from the play "Gigi". I liked the movie with Leslie Caron and Louis Jourdan and I wanted one for my collection. This Playbill is autographed by Howard McGillin and Vanessa Hudgens. Howard is best known for playing The Phantom on Broadway for years and Vanessa for High School Musical movies.

Last but not least my wife found a copy of Vidal Sasson's autobiography which is signed and personalized to a lady named Gwen. The book has a small paper with her name on it so I know it was from a book signing even and the book itself came from Selfridges & CO a store in the U.K. I thought the store was made up just for the TV show  but there really is a Selfridges in the U.K..Vidal died in 2012. The book was signed in or around  2010.

Well I hope your week was as good as mine and I hope next week is just as good.!!

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