Friday, 17 April 2015

My 3 Bonds

I think everyone knows that I like James Bond movies. I never really watched them til this year. I do have all of the movies on DVD and I am looking forward to the release of  'SPECTRE'. After watching all of the movies I would have to say that Daniel Craig is the best Bond although it could be that over the years they have calmed down on Bond trying to be funny and way to much womanizing and more on the story plot and the action. So far in my autograph collection I have 3 actors who have played James in the 007 movies
The first one I got was Pierce Brosnan from a movie set that I wrote called 'Butterfly On A Wheel'. MY favorite Bond film he did was 'The World is Not Enoug' with Robert Carlyle who people should know from 'Once Upon A Time'

My second one is Daniel Craig. I wrote Daniel when he was performing on Broadway with Hugh Jackman in 2009 in a play called 'A Steady Rain'. I do have a Playbill signed by both men but this is my card that is just signed by Daniel to me. I would have to say that 'Casino Royale' was my favorite Bond film that Daniel did. SO FAR

And lastly the one I got on Monday from George Lazenby who played James in one film 'Her Majesties Secret Service' which was a pretty good movie for it's time. He could have did more Bond films but ended up being Blackballed because he took some bad advice and held out for more which they didn't give him.

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