Saturday, 6 June 2015

Theo Fleury In Person

Theo was in Town on Tuesday and I went down to try and meet him and have him autograph a few photo's and cards for my friend and I. He was here for a conference so we sat in the lobby waiting for lunch break at noon. Time went on for awhile and I thought what if they are catering in there instead of using the restaurant. So I went down and sure enough they were catering. I thought about it looked at my wife and then I said hell with it. I went in to look for him. I couldn't see him but then my wife spotted him and pointed him out to me. So I went over and waited til he was done talking to the others then he came over shook my hand and I asked him if he would sign a few things? He said sure not a problem. He sat down at the table and I apologize to the lady who was eating at the table at the time. I asked him if he ever seen the photo I got he told me if was from a Alumni Game that Calgary played against Montreal. After he signed the photos and cards he posed for a photo with me. Then he had to leave..Nice experience and my 1st CRASH!!

                                           This is mine Al..Yours looks just like it!!

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