Sunday, 28 June 2015

The rest of the week. 6-28-15

The week seems to go fairly fast and the mail didn't disappoint me. Back in 1977 they aired a mini-series on tv called ROOTS. Even though I was only 12 I remember this min-series very well and one of my favorite characters in it was Chicken George played by Ben Vereen. Ben was in Petrolia, Ont doing a show for a month so i wrote to him and he replied to me and sent me a signed playbill from his show.

Also this week I heard back from Curtis Armstrong. Most of you will remember him as BOOGER in the Nerd movies. He has been in many tv shows and movies and most recently playing Metatron in the tv show Supernatural.

Now the last one came from New York City where I wrote to Matthew Morrison who played the teacher on the tv show GLEE. He sent me a signed playbill from his show Finding Neverland, Other then all the rain that came down on Saturday it's been a great week

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