Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hamilton Tiger Cats Fanday

My wife and I went to the Hamilton Tiger Cats Fanday at Horton Field. This is the first time I was ever in a Stadium and it was really cool.Seeing the field up close and from the stands was cool. I took a few shots of it and the players. They were holding a practice and then a fan meet to sign autographs ad pose for photos. While they had practice we went around to try and find some of the Alumni players that were there. They were scattered and I didn't get to meet them all.

Alumni Players-Top Scan
Dale Sanderson
Wally Zatylny
Rocky DiPietro
Roger Dunbrack
Joe Zuger
Less Browne

Current Players
Carson Rockhill, Brian Simmons
CJ Gable
Byron Archarabault
Anthony Woods
Everton Williams
Joel Fugueroa,
Matthew Girard
Matt Coates

Giovanni Aprile
Roy Holley
Carl-Oliver Prime
Bakrai Grant
Daniel English
Nic Grigsby
Jeremy Lewis
Preston Huggins
Peter Dyakowski
Craig Butler
Luke Tasker
Justin Medlock
Bryan Hall
Zac Collaros
Julian Posey
 CJ Gable
Brandon Banks
COACH-Kent Austin

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