Sunday, 21 June 2015

IP & Tire Trouble!!! June 20th, 2015

Yesterday we went to a Bisons football game and Nick Kaczur who played for the Patriots was there. (He's from here).Anyways I was hoping to get him going in but he was already on the field so I had to wait til 1/2 time when he came around. It was warm out there. He comes around and is a real nice guy signs everything and poses for a photo. My wife and I are hungry so we decided to leave and go grab a bit to eat.

We get to the car and the back tire is FLAT. Hungry, hot and now pissed off we opened the trunk to get the donut and couldn't get it out. It was screwed in there and it seems that the thing that kept it in place rusted on..I can't get it off and it's getting late so I called my brother who came down to help.It took at least 30 minutes for him to finally get that thing off.Now to jack up the problem BUT!!! the wrench don't fit the bolts so he tries to make do but it was a losing battle. I told him I have a cross wrench at home. He said why is it at home? I said hell if I know I forgot to put it in the car..

He lowers the car and tells me to drive it to the gas station put air in it to get home and we'll change it at home. Get to the station put money in the machine and it don't work very good. Just enough I would say.So I get the car home wife goes to get the 4 way wrench. My brother jacks the car up again and the car slips a little. So he fixes that up changes the tire for me and then lowers the car but the jack is stuck on something.My wife gets in the car and backs the car up to a hole so bro can knock it off. I doubt it did any damage but is an IP worth all that trouble? Some ppl would say yeah..this time for me...No it wasn't worth it..Cause I gotta get that tire fixed buy a new jack because that one sucks!!!

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