Sunday, 24 May 2015

Another Cool Week

Although I think this week coming will be a slow one because mostly everyone that I wrote has replied back to me.. To keep up with the last few postings I received yet another one of my 1971 CFL cards back signed. This one came from Moe 'The Toe' Racine.He kindly signed the 2 cards I sent to him and he also enclosed one of his own cards which is a 2014 CFL Alumni Hall of Fame Card

The next one that I got this week is from an actress that is really just starting out and she will be the voice of Lucy in the new show 'Killjoys' which I am looking forward to seeing when it starts in early June. The show is about a fun loving trio of bounty hunters in space who attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants. 
When I was a kid I loved watching 'The Bionic Woman' and 'The Six Million Dollar Man' and who could forget the men who made them what they were Prof. Sharp. I wrote to Alan Oppenheimer awhile ago and he sent me 2 photo's personalized. One on the top is from an episode of 'The Bionic Woman'. The one below is a head shot of what he looks like today. Alan is also a Voice Over actor for cartoon and movies. He is the voice of Falkor in the movie The Neverending Story.
Now last but defiantly not least about a month ago I found an address to Susan Richardson who I was and still am a big fan of. She played Susan Bradford on a tv show called 'Eight Is Enough'. I wrote to her and she replied to me by sending me 4 print out pictures that she signed to me and also on the last one she wrote me a nice note about me remembering her early work. She had did a very early episode of 'Happy Days' 


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