Monday, 2 February 2015


Here it is 1st Monday in February and there is a lot of snow out there. I didn't think the mail man was going to make it today because everything else in the City is closed. But it came and I wasn't disappointed either. Today brought me a cast signed Playbill from New York City. The play was called 'You cant take it with you'. I sent it off back in November and it ended on January 5th. 13 cast members signed it and there are several big names on it and I am happy to have this for my collection. Signatures on the playbill are..

James Earl Jones
Mark Linn-Baker
Elizabeth Ashley
Rose Byrne
Nick Corley
Charles Turner
Austin Durrant
Julie Halston
Johanna Day
Patrick Kerr
Will Brill
Kristine Neilson
Byron Jennings

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