Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ruth & Jake

Well it was a very cold day with the wind blowing and the snow being blown around in the wind just made it all that colder. I got to try out the new coat I got and I like it.But moving right along today with today's mail

I received a Playbill from New York City's Broadway show 'Constellation' which stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson. I am a fan of both these actors. Jake is in one of my favorite movies 'The Day After' and many others. And Ruth I became a fan after seeing her in a show from England called 'Luther'. She played Alice on the show and she played her well. I think one will be going up in the frame soon.

I also got a card in the mail from the postal delivery person that something is waiting for me at the post office. I will have to wait til tomorrow and get that. All I wanted to do today was get done the stuff that needed done and come back home where it is warm.

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