Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Coat

Today we went looking around the thrift store and I usually flip through the coats to see if there is a Hamilton Tiger Cat Jacket. Well I have been doing this for a good year or so and today my luck changed. I seen a yellow sweater so I went to look at it and it wasn't what I wanted so I turned around to leave and did a quick flip of the black jackets and the little Tiger on the corner caught my eye so I grabbed it to look at it and BEHOLD it was a Tiger Cats Jacket!!! I pulled it off the hook looked at the size and tried it on and it fit nicely. It is in great shape and looks like it wasn't worn much if at all. I leave it on and go look for my wife and when I found her I said look what I got!!!. She said you will have to take it off so we can pay for it. I took it off and my lovely wife looked it over and said there is no price tag on it. She also found a rip in the lining which she said was an easy fix. So I took the coat to the back of the store and told the lady it didn't have a price tag on it and it had a BIG!!! rip in the lining. Well they put a price tag of $20.00 on it. I said that's fine knowing that these jackets sell for $80.00 to $130.00. Great fine nice coat and thanks to my wife for fixing the rip in the lining for me.

I thought I would stay with the mood and show you a few of my favorite Hamilton Tiger Cats autographs. This one here is Dave Stala. I met Dave back in December at a Football Camp in town that Jykine Bradley was holding.He was one of my favorite TiCat players. Dave no longer plays for the TiCats he now plays for the Montreal Alouettes. Awesome player and all around nice guy.

Last summer my wife and I were in Hamilton and we had some time to spare so we went over to the TiCats head office on Jarvis Street in hopes of maybe meeting a few of the players. One of the guys I met in the parking lot around back was Taylor Reed. He is a great player and he just got resigned to them for another season.

Let me show you one more although not a player I think he deserves to be up here. It's head coach Kent Austin who in the last 2 seasons have taken the TiCats to the Grey Cup twice. Hopefully this time they can do it. They would have did it last season when Brandon Banks got a last few second TD but it didn't count because Taylor Reed caused a penalty. So they lost the game.

                          So close yet so FAR!!!

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