Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nice Day But Cold !!

There is an extreme cold alert tonight and tomorrow with the temperatures hovering around -23 tonight. For those who don't use Celsius I will translate..DAMN COLD MAN!!. Anyways stay warm and read my BLOG.

The first one that came in the mail is from actress Jennifer Gibson who has been in many tv shows like DeGrassi, the 4400, Lost Girl. Just to name a few. She sent me this nice 8X10 which she personalized and on the back wrote me a note thanking me for the letter. She also wrote me a letter as well which I thought was very nice of her

She also mentioned in the letter that I mentioned the show Murdoch Mysteries which I am a fan of. So she did me a really nice favor. She had her friend Arwen Humphreys to also sign a photo for me and personalized it to me. I thought this was really nice of her to do. I have tried to get Arwen myself a few times without success. Arwen plays the wife of Inspector Brackenreid Margaret..

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