Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Mickey Rooney

On October 1st, 2010 Mickey Rooney was touring 'Let's put on a show' with his wife Jan. I was over the moon. I grew up watching Mickey in films and on tv shows.There was/is just something about him that I liked and I really wanted to meet him and get his autograph. We went to the print shop and ran off a photo of Mickey with Judy Garland and waited for the day to arrive. In the mean time I ended up with a small poster for the show as well. I parked the car and we made our way to the backstage door to wait it out.

There was a white car and a guy unloading a suitcase so I went over to him and asked him if Mickey was already here and in there? He said yes so I thought I missed out and I will have to wait it out, He then said if you want I can take your picture in and have him sign it for you..Which is great and all but I wanted to meet my idol so I said. Is there anyway that maybe I could meet Mickey? I told him about being a HUGE fan and everything else and none of this was a lie just to get in either. He looked at s and then said wait here.He was gone for about 5 minutes and then came back held the door opened and said come on it !!! I couldn't believe it I was going to meet Mickey Rooney.

My wife and I head in and I am totally star struck when I seen to my left a little old man headed towards me holding a sandwich on a plate that he had just made. I know I was lost for words but I did get HI Mickey out and he said hi and shook my hand I am telling him how big of a fan I am and he is going awe go on. Talking and he looks like he is going to lose his sandwich off the plate. He signed my Photo and then my poster and posed for photo's with me. I was in heaven this is the first time I was actually lost for words then Mickey said you got to meet my wife and starts calling for Jan who opens the door. I said hi and she signed my poster as well. Mickey had to get ready for his 2 O'Clock show so we said good bye and I thanked Chris for letting us in.

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