Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Growing up in the 70's there was a lot of shows to watch and one show that was extremly popular was M*A*S*H. I wasn't a fan of the show at first but then I got into it and I really enjoyed the show. I have several autographs from people who were on the show and many guest stars. I picked up some old MASH cards and decided to send some out to get signed and so far.

Alan Alda who played Hawkeye Pierce was doing a play and I decided to send him a few of the cards that I had with him on them.  It took awhile to hear but I did and Alan signed my card for me. I had sent him 2 and this is one of them.

 The next one I sent to was Mike Farrell who played B.J Hunnicut on the show. I also sent Mike a few cards that I had and he signed them all for me. Mike is married to actress Shelley Fabares who did a few movies with Elvis Presley. Mike had Shelley sign a picture for me as well.

Last but not least Jamie Farr was doing a play in Hamilton, Ontario. I had several cards of him as Maxwell Klinger and I took a chance and sent them all. To my surprise Jaime signed all the cards for me. This being the best one of the bunch.

There were so many other actors on the show that made it what it was. The show still plays today and I still watch it from time to time.

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